Early Bitcoin Whales Sold $30 BILLION to Speculators?

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During the retail driven mania of December 2017 to April 2018, early Bitcoin investors (whales, OG's, whatever you want to call them), sold $30 BILLION dollars worth of Bitcoin to speculators, according to research from Chainanalysis. This actually increased the available trading supply of Bitcoin by over 50%, leading to the recent depression of the Bitcoin price, according to ChainAnalysis.

Let's talk about the research a bit further, a recent Ripple class action lawsuit and the general market movements.

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Chainanalysis Research: https://blog.chainalysis.com/money-supply/

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The big boys are cashing out, going into Fiat, Gold & Silver.
Автор - BrokerBarber
Btc is 6700 as we speak of 😰
Автор - FuFill Your ViBes
Obviously the amount of BTC increased after it touched $20,000 because masses sold. People that invested over the years made a fortune!
Personally I think the price of bitcoin will drop to somewhere around $3000. The majority of retail investors are investing with money they NEED... when they should only be investing with money they don't. Most are uneducated in the space and don't have the patience to hold for more than a month. They lose 25% of their money, and cash out with their losses. They think making $1000 is like winning the lottery, and they are unable to see the full potential of crypto currency. This, in my opinion, is a huge part of the problem.
Автор - Jo L
You recorded this video before today's crash. You still have yesterdays crash numbers. Lol
Автор - paul lindsay
Does brave have a built in vpn?
Автор - MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ
XRP is not part of the Crypto Industry.
Автор - Bob McCall
wtf going on?
Автор - Kulsoom Bhally
Автор - Daniel Bull Runner Lamb
Great Information Bobby. It might be a little while before we go up. That's fine. I'm a believer
Автор - Brad Blackmon
Ppl go depressed, this is what they want to make money people are sheep people get depressed and selling low 😂 and buying high . they will shoot the price up before you know it and you go fomo again 😂
Автор - dante dmc
I bought a decent amount at $6700, good time to cost average. And if gets to 5K buy ill buy much more, long term hold this is nothing guys !
Автор - Julio P
Yes sir! Having a great day
Автор - paul lindsay
Crypto be stressing people out
Автор - GeneralAppeal
Get to the point..... You could have said all this in half the time.
Автор - Lee Cubit
Bilderberg conference just ended Kappa
Автор - Quabbe
Just bought 1.5 BTC FTW woooooo
Автор - Joseph Galia
I hope it hits 3k
Автор - Mo Seghir
So it begins
Автор - Adam Poirier
How much of that $30 Billion was the thieves at Bitconnect & Davor cashing out what they defrauded from their lenders?
Автор - whatjamesthinks
Will Tone win the bet? Wouldn't doubt it.
Автор - Dave G
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