Ethereum Back To $1,500 | Consensus 5/14/2018 News

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Consensus represented a positive impact in the prices of the cryptos during and after the event which plays out as a pattern already , 3 years in a row having the same direction means something. How do you see the current market and reaction after Consensus ?

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Ethereum technical analysis.
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No financial advice and investment, pure market & technical analysis of ETH and others.
Автор - Scrembo Paul
in regards to price gains during and after consensus, i think 2017 was diff bc we were in the start of a major bull run and blue sky breakouts, this year we are trying to get out of a bear. I hope, but dont think we will get similar gains.
Автор - Roy M
This video was very informative , I enjoyed watching it!
Автор - Daniela Marceles
consensus is a showcase for investors, after the event due diligence will be done by them to see which projects fit their investment criteria so we should see money flowing in the space in about 2-3 weeks from now, my bet is this the last chance to buy before the next wave.
Автор - riddick thefurian
Great video! Keep up the good work!
Автор - Nerim Abaz
Clear and Nice crypto stuff thanks bro..
Автор - Deepu Sasidharan
good stuff.. keep it up
Автор - Amul Patel
Hello, great video, thanks for the content! What do you think about ?
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Автор - Felipe Mendes
Nice crypto stuff and nice video, keep making amazing vids like this.
Автор - Mark Hughes
Great video I love.
Автор - mayita perez
Awesome. Keep up the good stuff.
Автор - Mr_Tolja
Автор - Nitty G
great video! your are the best
Автор - oriana zerpa
Good crypto Video
Автор - Boocci
Just an amazing video!!!
Автор - mare nostrum
Thanks a bunch for providing the information.
Автор - Дејан Бучевски
clear acknowledgement about crypto
Автор - Asna Masood
What do you think about zeto chain
Автор - D Slim
Precisely executed! New information offered at a *highly*digestible*pace. (So appreciate that!) No one else has presented Consensus 2015-2018 comparisons using effective visuals. So, Many thanks Scrembo.
Автор - Kathryn J. Hernandez
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