Tezos Rage Over KYC/AML, Ethereum Classic On Coinbase & Binance Coming, PSA Crypto Bridge Issues

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Комментарии к видео:
KYC just makes it more legitimate, when the fundraiser was happening you had to declare that you were not an us resident..
Автор - Sem Schukking
I love you brother its down market
Автор - Andy Raman
Coinbase is among the largest holders of Ethereum, it was obvious that ETC would be added since they also hold huge amounts of ETC.
Автор - char dan
You're doing a great job keeping up the positive crypto spirit Omar! It is for sure not easy these days - good to have you with us!
Автор - mentugo
Hello Omar
Автор - Brad Blackmon
love me some ETC!!....always had a good feeling that this was gonna go big...i suspect ADA will be next on Coinbase if ETC does well
Автор - John White
Since I listen to you in my car those sirens always get me
Автор - Gaston Cruz
Nice fade bro
Автор - Mr. Head
PSA Crypto Bridge
Ethereum Classic (ETC) on Coinbase & Binance Coming
Enjin Coin Interview
Tezos Rage Over KYC/AML
Автор - Michael
Really I don't think Tezos has much of a choice. They even say in the email it's not what they want to do but more of a necessity because of the positions taken by regulators. Better to be safe than sorry. It doesn't matter how great your blockchain is if regulators don't let anyone use it.
Автор - TxFw
Автор - dolphin 134
woah . . . first :D
Автор - Shawn Fishwick
Well of course it makes sense to add the framework for ETC and not worried about the dip! The market will recover and projects that will advance the industry will do well. A couple I like are UBEX, fr8network, Muirfield IP , and propy
Автор - michael bonacci
In terms of Tezos, people are either going to create a revolution or simply accept the AML/KYC.
Автор - Connect Justice
Of course ETH Classic is being listed on Coinbase - they want to sell all their stash (that they robbed from their customers).
Автор - Milan Vujic
You are the best Crypt0! Good vid as always!
Автор - Darryl Haynes
Thanks Omar, always some good nuggets of info and insights. Keep up the great work..
Автор - Legacy Wealth
Tezos is going to be a monster, we have by far the strongest community after all we have gone through.... I hope all the ones who complained about Tezos sell, we don’t need people
Who don’t believe in the project....
Автор - Hermes Wisdom
Who else on Crypto Bridge!?! Currently all withdraws are going out slowly. They disabled deposits until they can address the increase in volume. Support in discord was very helpful. I myself had a LTC transaction that took more than 24 hours.
Автор - at BitcoinJake09
Now, these so-called 'Vetting agencies' have shared our most intimate info with the worst imaginable criminals for ca$h to gain some liquidity for themselves. Information is the new money- and we have been 'sold out.' But this is not enough to make them happy. They want you to fear them. Experian, equifax and all the rest of these so-called 'vetting agencies' from the top to middle management have turned their Mission Statement into the antithesis of their original purpose and have used it as a hammer on the constituency ( That's US!) itself. They are Criminals , plain and simple.

Are we going to act like this is acceptable? I will not accept these 'policies in action' or the de facto arrangement we are currently forced to endure. I will voice my concerns with NO FEAR.

What do YOU think about it? If I get no response I will assume no one else can see my post...
Автор - Charles Patterson
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