What They're NOT Telling You About The Bitcoin ETF!

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What do you think of the Bitcoin ETF delay and how they are evolving?

Let's discuss!

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Комментарии к видео:
Your brain on block chain... and the music drops... the most epic intro on youtube ever!
Автор - idbeentaken
I sometimes rewatch the old videos just to hear the "Welcome to Ready Set Crypto, This is your brain .... on BLOCKCHAIN" part. Never ceases to give me chills :)
Автор - Aliholic
I am holding all my crypto
Автор - Mar Faw
I wish everyone was so logical. Unfortunately, the markets are not.
Автор - Philson
The amount of research you put into crypto market is mind blowing to say the least. Thanks
Автор - William Modiba
Quality content. Per usual.
Автор - Altcoin Daily
We all want to change our lives. We can taste it. Most of us all regular people just hoping for a miracle. Its good to have a calm intelligent voice like yours to help us through it
Автор - jay pal
This is fuckin really high quality information bro, and that intro is the best thing to happen to youtube, but i wish the ending of the video would end with the same music
Автор - Davit Sargsyan
What people seem to forget is just how volatile this market is currently. Price swings have always been exaggerated or unpredictable. 5-10 years from now everyone will be wishing for these entry opportunities.
Автор - Project: Zip Tied
Thank you Mav for another informative video! I prefer your balanced, analytical approach to the cheerleader or doom approach of others!
Автор - Mike Baum
Dude, is that your real voice ?. You sound convincing , crpto almighty .
Автор - andiB
Love this channel. Straight forward and no arrogance... Fantastic information with a black and white perspective.👍
Автор - Lisa H
This is why Ready Set Crypto is such a great channel
Автор - Crypto Newbs
Am I the only bear in here? I'm not an emotional bear because I have been looking for a super bear market since the top in December/January. And I think we are going way way lower before we get the next sustainable bull run. 2017 was a year long parabolic bubble run. And one thing is Bitcoin but a whole other story is the ICOs and all the alts. It is total insanity. If you believe in a distributed/decentralized electronic ledger backed by nothing other than it's technological security, network of nodes and universal exchangability and long time store of value. Then you have to accept the Austrian school of economics theory of sound money. To make it short and clear: It does not allow for hundreds of currencies and task specific tokens at the same time as there is available a better store of value like bitcoin. It is mathematically impossible. This bear market will not end before the ICOs are gone and most alts are decimated. This bubble hasn't even poppet yet. Just wait and see. But still I am super bullish on Bitcoin for the long term. But it can take a year.
Автор - Erik Kaareson
This Is Your Brain.......On Block Chain.......
Автор - Drtool23
Wow! what a channel. Best I've seen so far on crypto.
Автор - Aleksandar Vidojevic
Great but I think it is the right time to trade.
Автор - James Douglas Whitehouse
Funny how people still thinks that regular people have power over price.
Автор - Tomas Av.
Every time I watch your videos I understand so much more about crypto. Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work and wealth of information.
Автор - Crypto Blockhead
Thee best crypto info video I have seen by far. Dayyum
Автор - Kobi Timmons
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