What They're NOT Telling You About The Bitcoin ETF!

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What do you think of the Bitcoin ETF delay and how they are evolving?

Let's discuss!

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I sometimes rewatch the old videos just to hear the "Welcome to Ready Set Crypto, This is your brain .... on BLOCKCHAIN" part. Never ceases to give me chills :)
Автор - Aliholic
Quality content. Per usual.
Автор - Altcoin Daily
I am holding all my crypto
Автор - Mar Faw
I wish everyone was so logical. Unfortunately, the markets are not.
Автор - Philson
Your brain on block chain... and the music drops... the most epic intro on youtube ever!
Автор - idbeentaken
The amount of research you put into crypto market is mind blowing to say the least. Thanks
Автор - William Modiba
This is a GREAT video that ALL who are invested in crypto should be required to watch IMO!!! Thank you!.. 💯👍👍💫🍻
Автор - aka Action
We all want to change our lives. We can taste it. Most of us all regular people just hoping for a miracle. Its good to have a calm intelligent voice like yours to help us through it
Автор - jay pal
This is fuckin really high quality information bro, and that intro is the best thing to happen to youtube, but i wish the ending of the video would end with the same music
Автор - Davit Sargsyan
This Is Your Brain.......On Block Chain.......
Автор - Drtool23
Thee best crypto info video I have seen by far. Dayyum
Автор - Kobi Timmons
Not First
Автор - trapped cat
Brilliant content as usual - thanks 👏
Автор - L. Mortensen
Wow! what a channel. Best I've seen so far on crypto.
Автор - Aleksandar Vidojevic
This is why Ready Set Crypto is such a great channel
Автор - Crypto Newbs
Every time I watch your videos I understand so much more about crypto. Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work and wealth of information.
Автор - Crypto Blockhead
Love this channel. Straight forward and no arrogance... Fantastic information with a black and white perspective.👍
Автор - Lisa H
I'm impressed! You've done some great investigation!
Автор - Bart Tacken
Awesome, thanks RSC...please do a fresh vid on XRP, cheers
Автор - VerticalFreedom
110% agree.Thanks!
Автор - andres foubert
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