Bitcoin Just Did Something It Hasn't Done in 4 Years

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Комментарии к видео:
What do you think about August & Bitcoin? Thanks for your overwhelming support! Save $150 on our top selling combo (limited time only!)
Автор - Crypto Crew University
Great video. Wish I could do the classes? Just no money for it. Maybe someday.
Автор - Robert Jones
Mind blown. 🤤 Always looking forward to your videos!
Автор - Senne Trenson
My dude, you did say it would hit 10k and then retrace..
Автор - John Lawrence
how can you rely on TA as its bot manipulation all the way and why do people rely on charts long time ago as the fundation now is completely different then years ago, there will always be some kind of pattern out of the past looking the same as these days with completely dffrent outcomes
Автор - Jesse Thehu Snooker
Nobody is calling this a bull market, Steve!
Автор - LongRange Crypto
Steve, great video one of the few who knows what he is talking about! thanks for posting.
Автор - R C
So you have no idea where BTC is going from here?
Автор - LongRange Crypto
The only folks making money in this bear market are the youtubers and savvy traders.
Автор - Leonard Gonzalez
Steve, I love your videos. Just by your reassurances of not to stress nor get excited is the least i take away from your videos. Something came to mind, I agree that we look at facts, I agree that August isn't the most pleasant, I agree that the graph is similar to 2014, hypothetically, if for example we have found support as what we are on now (6500), is it possible that instead of looking at the highs, and on the assumption we have support, just purely based on the graph, is it possible that we may be forming a new cycle with higher lows in actual fact? You're the expert, what do you think? Thanks ❤
Автор - Mohammad Khalid
I m so excited 😆
Автор - Rajat Bhalla
This guy is an ordained instructor by nature. I can remember those word very vividly from his last video when he emphasized that no one should buy Bitcoin in light of looming uncertainty...shockingly, it has come true. Thanks a lot Steve, can't wait for the next video.
Автор - Val N
You are guiding me through an awesome emerging crypto market, thanx Steve!
Автор - Paul Roos
we must go under $5000 in order to prepare the next bull run
Автор - Jonnah Maz
great job steve Love and Appreciate you and your work .
Автор - gene sherwood ll
I love you, you are the best, peace and love back at you.
Автор - Boydy Wikeepa
Which class did he get this info as in when to sell Bitcoin? Was it the Advanced?
Автор - Paddington Bear
I'm considering signing up for your course next week. Great content.
Автор - Toby Dawson
thanks for your great informative videos
Автор - D Krypto
Thanks Steve
Автор - Gettem Rollin
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