Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH ETC Technical Analysis Chart 9/12/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 2018

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I'm all in!
LOL, actually I'm always all in since I just buy and hold bitcoin. I'll just continue my usual routine of buying 1000 usd worth of bitcoin on or near every payday. I can keep this up for years.
Автор - VentionMGTOW
Never end a video saying you're forming a love relationship with sheep ...
Автор - Chandler Smith
Recorded 5:45 PM Eastern
Автор - TheChartGuys
Thanks for the great vids! I’m glad you’re seeing the benefits of the European way of life, they take things slow, they care and they are not driven to sell or make profits. I think the USA could do more and drive higher standards because it will trickle down into the near. I recommend you check out Prague and the Czech Republic next. Very fun!
Автор - Tommy K
you're a good guy...I really appreciate your videos that are so honestly produced.
Автор - Marco
Iceland is awesome! Have a great time!
Автор - BeachJedi101
Iceland can be cold and a thin sheet simply will not do! The comforter is for The Banker as Iceland has made their Statement of intent...It is a 'cold shoulder,' and he may need the blanket.
Автор - Charles Patterson
thanks for mentioning the plight of animals in factory farms bro!
Автор - Vegan Nincer
Ahh awesome video Dan. Iceland seems like such a nice place. Still very different from Norway where I'm from, even though the climate is a lot alike... Animals in Norway and Iceland are usually treated very well and we also pay the price, but can't resist having a nice (albeit expensive) steak now and then :)
Автор - TOMMY.MS
The minute the market turns, bulls will pile back into the market. Let's make it happen.
Автор - Unknown Now
Ok just bought eth back in after selling earlier :( the price can now drop sharply again. Freaking idiot *pulls hair
Автор - chico280
No significant moves until the ETF news.
Автор - The Russian Bear
Thanks Dan ! After watching this video earlier I put in a long eth trade at 182 and I'm up allready and raising my stop loss. I ain't no fool if your indicator has only gone off three times before I'm def jumping in after double checking the charts of course
Thanks again Dan your the man
Автор - john clay
Hopefully it is not dead cat bounce
Автор - Henry Goh
Que Tom Lee to come on CNBC and announce the bottom is in
Автор - 80sruler
Try Uruguay. 3.5 happy cows per person
Автор - doonit
That’s cool, I really was stretching today to use the timeframes to keep me in until I reached a few candles. I used to just get out I started broke I think it just is a habit that won’t die easy. I’m not into sweating for a pile of shit. Then sleeping in it.
Автор - Kevin McKee
One comforter for you and one for the sheep. Just make sure she doesn't have a double bottom
Автор - LandShark
Look at this GRAAAAAAPH!
Автор - Jojo Baggins
thanks for your time and your sharing, nice to hear your thoughts about animals and Island
Автор - Nick Nolte
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