Ethereum To Crash To $10 Then $10,000? 3 Experts Share Their Opinion

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Комментарии к видео:
Ethereum is a good bet
Автор - Nicholas Byrne
i always click on the bait, it's exciting
Автор - Honey Badger
You have the best fundamental researches about coins for dapps i have ever seen. Keep up the good work.
Автор - MaBugaaj
Автор - Danny C
This was an extremely in depth episode, really appreciate your hard work, cheers from Bangkok
Автор - Fandao19
Lol all your thumbnails are "Massive dump coming?"

Thats a bit non creative
Автор - Rick Debski
I am accumulating Etherium, just started. I did not touch ETH until 120 usd per coin, so it is not definitely all time lows but I have a gut feeling the price is close to bottom.
Автор - veriappelsiini
good content as always. thank you
Автор - meeyoouuzeek
Video 👍Ether 👍thanks Dvir!
Автор - Liya Yustyuzhenkova
Lol you have become BEAR TV
Автор - ernest simon D
ohh men, ETH crash $10? . this is pretty untrue. where did you guys come up with this crazy preditions ?. perharps its just your nightmare dreams last night bro etc ?
Автор - andiB
What have you been smoking ?!!!
Автор - Joe Beeber
Nice clickbait
Автор - Charlie Lee
I agree about the 10 dollars. Not the 10k
Автор - Chris Rock
eth wont scale till
Автор - 1greenMitsi
65$ lowest
Автор - ashish dwivedi
why these guys dont shut up.
Автор - Brighton Chou
Eth $1.23
Waves replace eth
Автор - xua 007
Декабрь 2019 4723 бакса за 1 эфир,112000 дед
Автор - Алексей Хруст
That's not a Pump, not a Dump and not a Bubble. Could you please pack more wrong statements into one sentence next time? If you see the same chart for Apple/Any other stock, would you call it Pump and Dump Bubble? No? Well..
Автор - Gam Er
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