Litecoin Price Prediction!!! Nasdaq Adds Litecoin To Exchange?!?!? (Civic Analysis)

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😭😭😭 I thought consensus was supposed to give us a boost!
Автор - Mexican Charlie Lee
You have been predicting LTC for months and it has not happened you are wrong
Автор - Just Finish IT Records
In response to all the negative comments - go back and watch Hayden's video from a couple of days back. He explains that we have almost completed an inverse head and shoulders formation, which is bullish. We have almost formed the top of the shoulder, which is why we are moving sideways, and should soon turn back up to reach the neckline and complete the 2nd shoulder. These formations take time to complete. Patience.
Автор - Proud Dad
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Автор - Sarah Burrows
Cryptocapital venture has us touching the top of the formation already, I'm thinking we bounce up 😎
Автор - Alexander Kadarauch
This is a pretty big drop. All the other TA guys were calling for a collection of profits at 180. But I decided to HODL, because I missed it and saw it at 170. Now its 130 again. HODLing is quickly becoming a losing strategy.
So after this I am sticking to my stop losses
Автор - Duane Rackham
Blah Blah Blah lol bro y’all gotta relax with the b.s videos how can you possibly read charts in a manipulated market It’s b.s then you just goggle things like bitcoin..Litecoin..etc & we’ll see these same articles The MARKET move when THE BIG MONEY want it to
Автор - Devin Thomas
I love when all the haters come out of their caves and negativity pours into the space. My indicator to buy more LTC 😇
Автор - James Rikard
This is the end of crypto. First you dump 450 billion in market Dec. 9th creating a bubble. Then you say bubble then proceed to tank the market. Did you really think the money "masters" would set us free from the debt plantation.
Автор - JohnRusso007
SOON UP? Ja ja
Автор - Sergio Chavez
What a surprise, I thought Consensus conference can help bitcoin's price in the next future, and here we are. Hopefully there are many altcoins like DeepOnion and Tron which have resisted this period
Автор - Mattias Jaya d'Ambrosio
Thanks for your video CryptoTV. It's really scary for me to look at my portfolio right now and since you mentioned Zcash, this is my only green one today. So for now, I keep holding. Privacy coins like Zcash, CloakCoin or DeepOnion are those I like to accumulate more.
Автор - Paukerin
Can you draw a chart of DeepOnion? Would be very nice!
Автор - Martin Gretz
Last year in January the coin market cap was at 12 billion and it took a big jump to 800 billion by the end of the year, even if we experience a 2 year bear market price will still go up, the tecnology and the network is a very important thing in the evolution of the macro economics it will moon sooner or later
Автор - jram0001
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Автор - Dave c
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Автор - daniel camargo
Автор - Crooklyncat
ever get tired of talking the same sheet? your grandkids future. save your USD for your grandkids.
Автор - Brighton Chou
got to follow pump and dump. charlie lee is pump and dump.
Автор - Brighton Chou
129. from 180
Автор - Brighton Chou
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