Bitcoin To Hit $50,000 By Year-End: BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes | CNBC

Загрузил CNBC 3 месяцев назад
CNBC's Seema Mody reports on the world's largest bitcoin conference and Arthur Hayes, BitMEX CEO, discusses his outlook for the cryptocurrency. Included are CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Pete Najarian, Tim Seymour, Dan Nathan and Guy Adami.
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Bitcoin To Hit $50,000 By Year-End: BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes | CNBC
Bitcoin To Hit $50,000 By Year-End: BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes | CNBC скачать видео - Скачать
Комментарии к видео:
He pumped it then dumped it 😂😂👀👀
Автор - Jack-LoveIsland
Thats an absurd claim to make.
Автор - MrRoniGaming
I learned a lot, I want to leave you a tip, do you have a tipwithcrypto link?
Автор - Jake Curdi
$100,000 BTC by the end of 2018
Автор - streetstylz
100x or GTFO
Автор - DisarMy
regardless of what his opinions are, this guy is wicked smart
Автор - CryptoMiningProject
My money is on litecoin for the win!
Автор - roadstar499
Lol, so many ppl here got burned by the december pump and dump now they have completely written off bitcoin because of greed... the tech is still there and only getting better and more secure every day. Good luck to you all
Автор - Rich Burm
digital money is the future
Автор - Cherry Adrales
"I don't care, I'm just taking their money."
Автор - Tech Sales
Wow! It's so sad seeing all these negative comments by people who obviously know nothing about blockchain technology.
Автор - Josh Birdsall
Amazing. We see a black man speak about something he clearly knows what he’s talking about without hearing whining about racism and victimization, and without hearing racial slurs hurled at him. Our country has great potential. Beautiful vid.
Автор - Jay Chizza
50K....come on man my best bet would be 30-40K
Автор - Crypto buzz
Cardano for the future.
Автор - Crypto buzz
CNBC sucks
Автор - Matias Vera
Bankers protesting against Bitcoin. Hahahahahaahahaahahah
Автор - Robert Graham
Wallstreet destroyed US economy many times, now it's their turn
Автор - Dale Val
Disgusting to say the least. At the end of the day Arthur Hayes is just another institutional banker profiting from the volatility of an asset class. Looks like a preschool version of the 2008 financial crisis. Thank you CNBC for having an interest in disrupting simple supply and demand economics.
Автор - 1738
Yall remember about the mark of the beast yeah ? Christians from befote the 90s been warning of the coming global payments system, personal identifier and system as a whole to bring equality (blockchain will help this with ai). Don't forget world. Deception also takes time.
Автор - teeno7
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Автор - Scottie Nettles
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