Ethereum Price Technical Analysis August 2018

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Bitcoin Ethereum Price Technical Analysis August 2018 Bitcoin price prediction. Bitcoin price technical analysis Bitcoin Price Trading Technical Analysis. Ethereum price technical analysis. Ethereum price prediction. Ethereum technical analysis. Bitcoin crash Bitcoin price prediction 2018.

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Pretty easy to make money in this market just follow AMD,WAVES 618,NAS
Автор - Potsafe
thx for your pov as always!!!:>
Автор - raul kraus
I want the heads of the manipulators on a silver plate, to piss in their faces.
Автор - 75jackrabbit
Great video as usual!

How about doing TA on ETC? Would love to see your outlook.

Which projects are you looking at long term outside of BTC?

Thanks for your time.
Автор - Nate Anderson
When homeless
Автор - Aaron Pedraza
Great 🐶
Автор - Papa Ksjs
Thank you for great update as always!
Автор - Acala Dharmapala
by far the best analysis and a solid true personallity
Автор - dung pham
Vitalik said something about having hardcap on ETH. When they decide the maximum number we will see huge increse in price.
Автор - togethertothebottom
what indicator you use for the volume on the right ?
Автор - peter
you will have a big channel soon...
Автор - brandon brandon
You say ",many alts may go to zero and never recover." But what will I do without my Ripple? This coin is like $0.38! Hasn't been that low since pre-December 2017. And yet, I still won't but it just yet. Go figure.
Автор - Matt Rowland
blood bath, low lows back again....
Автор - TEAM6USA
What about ethereum next years? Will ethereum die ? Thank you
Автор - Dragiboom
Do you do any mentorships?
Автор - TJ Park
$286 now :P
Автор - Omar Baltazar
the most undervalued crypto channel !
Автор - persona non grata
U on point 🙌🏾
Автор - essenze25
As always, thank you Crypto AMD!
Автор - John Vu
Thank your for all your video and post! Would you mind doing a video on what you mean alts are going to zero or provide me a link I can read up on. I have been slaughtered in a bunch of positions and really don’t know what I should do or wait it out
Автор - R Brown
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