Ethereum Explained

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Let's build a decentralized ticket service using Ethereum! Ethereum is the 2nd biggest cryptocurrency in market cap behind Bitcoin and offers a Turing-complete blockchain. Using Ethereum + IPFS, developers can build powerful decentralized applications, and this offers novelty in a somewhat saturated market for app developers. Let's get started!

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How many people clicked on this video to actually find out if Ether can be a better buy than Bitcoin since it's cheaper and ended up more confused than ever LOL...I still subbed anyways :)
Автор - Jamie Lim
Siraj uploads are syncing to what I'm studying. 😂 Awesome !!
Автор - Madhav Khosla
I recently finished my master in computer science (I focused on data science/machine learning).
Siraj explains Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoins and everything.
Yet, I just can't make any sense of HOW these mentioned topics really work.
I understand the motivation here and minor technical mechanics there but not the workflow of the usecases.
I just don't get it. I DON'T SEE IT! The more I watch the more I get confused.
Why did I study again? I don't know :'(
Автор - LFish
I can already see the success of etherum + IPFS
Автор - Sethu Iyer
"decentralized Whaaaat?" hahahaha good one
Автор - Olivier Novel
Another excellent video! I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again: thanks, Siraj! Been subscribed for a while, but finally enabled notifications to learn about any new videos as soon as you post them. Hope to have the honor to meet you in person some day. :)
Автор - Michael Anuzis
Would you please link your slides , it has a very interesting and clear structure.
Автор - The Struggler
I love the video on blockchain thank you for teaching this incredible technology siraj.
Автор - vivek paradise
More Blockchain (especially Ethereum) videos!!! Please!!!
Автор - 2stefan2000
Siraj is just a genius! How one can be so smart in AI, blockchain and other computer science stuff + be such a great and talented speaker + drop so many videos?! You deserve a monument!
Автор - Vinovano
Great stuff here.
Автор - tipoomaster
Awsome job as allways.
Автор - WiralWideoWatcher
God these are such interesting and incredible subjects
Автор - endmysuffering
Cheaper? False, Ethereum is 1000,000 times more expensive than AWS, how is that cheaper?
Censorship resistant and decentralized ? again, digital tokens don't mean anything unless an Oracle ties it to real world asset

Siraj, give a single case the turing complete smart contracts on blockchain that makes any sense for 1000,000 times the cost of centralized service provider, not mentioning being secure in the first place, just ignoring the criticism will not solve all the issues with these Rube Goldberg machines
Автор - teen eagle
Angular is not Model View Controller. It's officially categorized by Google as Model View Whatever.
Автор - Joe Jupiter
Really good video Siraj. Keep up the great work. You're helping a lot of students learn new and cool stuff.
Автор - Rohan Raju
nice can't wait for DEVCON!
Автор - argcargv
How does the html webapp call the ethereum code you wrote? I think you mentioned w3.js
Автор - Gilad Penn
Please name the font applied in terminal
Автор - Jai Gohil
this is such a good break down, I'm a Infrastructure architect, full stack developer and technology solutions architect with 20 years experience and I am just blown away by where distributed architecture is going... however I think there is a major problem with all of blockchain technology at the moment.. and that is... money.. people driven by trying to make money have completly different mindsets than true engineering type mindsets, who are driven by efficiency and improvement... who actually want to make things better.
these are seriously conflicting motives and I think its a real world quantifiable example of the fundamental flaw in capitilism as a primary motivation for society... the drive for wealth for wealths sake is now a literal "bug" in our social construct, we need to change the worlds motivation at the root cause..
Автор - Josh Saunders
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