Dash vs The Flash!

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Dash meets Supergirl while she waits for The Flash to arrive. Dash says he's the fastest kid in the universe. Can Dash beat The Flash in a race around the earth? Have you seen The Incredibles 2 movie?
Supergirl played by Payton. Dash played by Paxton. The Flash played by Ashton. They are siblings in real life.

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Комментарии к видео:
And ninja kids I forgot one more thing Dash and Supergirl and the Flash is the best Word you play the best characters👍💲😁😎
Автор - Ray Smith
Wow Paxton!!!you felt better so quick!!!!!
Автор - Fe Doromal
Best like
Автор - Tasnim holilo
Omg Paxton is back We all missed you.We were so worried for you. Now that you are back your beautiful smile brightens up the whole world again :) ❤
Автор - iii Ally
In i just saw payton laughed lul
Автор - Renznathaniel Godinez
Awesome video. You guys should make a video of Paxton as Spider-Man. I still think it's a great idea. It's also nice to see Paxton making videos again after the spider incident. Keep up the good work.👍👍☺😎
Автор - Kevin Vazquez
I love ur channel
Автор - Olliegamer Smith
nice video
Автор - Cindy Vega
I saw the Incredibles 2 but I not going to tell you and Payton you forgot one super power it’s your X-ray vision
Автор - Christian Morgan
No hate but this is really cringe and dash deserved to win
Автор - Edgaming48
Paxton is ok ninja kids you make the funny video in the world Paxton and Payton I am happy
That he's out of the hospital the ninja kids is like oh brother and sister to me ninja kids you are the best kepp it up 🎖🏆👍💲🥇🏅
Автор - Ray Smith
You guys should make a video with Bryton as Spider-Man or Superman, Ashton as the red ranger, Paxton as the Flash, Dash, or Spider-Man,or Michelangelo from the TMNT, and Payton as Supergirl or Harley Quinn. 👍👍☺😎
Автор - Kevin Vazquez
I can tell Paxton is ok I like flash
Автор - funnehfan _minecraftgirl
Yay 😃! Paxton is feeling better!
Автор - Akshay Peddada
This is so cool I love dash and the flash this is so cool ❤ ninja kids tv
Автор - tavon smallwood
Super 👍 💕 god Video⚡️🌏
Автор - Genti Morina
Are you better now,Paxton???
Автор - BujiTux
I like that speed heroes! You are the best!
Автор - Aldo Paron
I love watching your videos
Автор - Dante Eang
Автор - Genti Morina
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