Dash vs The Flash!

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Dash meets Supergirl while she waits for The Flash to arrive. Dash says he's the fastest kid in the universe. Can Dash beat The Flash in a race around the earth? Have you seen The Incredibles 2 movie?
Supergirl played by Payton. Dash played by Paxton. The Flash played by Ashton. They are siblings in real life.

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Комментарии к видео:
They ruined the Incredibles also they are in separate universe and the flash uses the speed force witch makes his way faster than Dash.
Автор - Diego RodriguezMendoza
I love flash and dash!!!!!
Автор - Oscar Everitt
I love ninja kids
Автор - k padillo
No hate but this is really cringe and dash deserved to win
Автор - Edgaming48
In i just saw payton laughed lul
Автор - Mr. Clings Cabed
Epic Match Up!
Автор - SuperHeroKids
I'm going to grab my noose and before l go I just want you guys to know that you are the reason why the human race is dying.
Автор - caden2cool
The best
Автор - Styphon Spence
I love the Ninja kids you always make interesting videos
Автор - Silence Sythe
I love love love this video
Автор - Natalie’s Gymnastics and slime videos!
Hi guys it's me trin from vidcon remember
Автор - Trin Link
Quicksilver is the fastest
Автор - Lepeer Bread
OOOOMMMMGGGGG!!!!!!!YOU ARE [email protected]!😀😀😀😀
Автор - Annie-Claude Bolduc
Автор - BlueFlashCat -
Nice backflip I'm still trying to do one😎😎😎❤️!
Автор - Brady Fogarty
Is anyone else excited for season 2 of power rangers
Автор - Zapper2009
The end is messed up she goes a thing you can improved and never finish yourself haha funny that’s messed up
Автор - C.h vlogs 12
I want to meat u
Автор - Wesly Mason
Paxton are you better now
Автор - Sujash Dewan
im srry to be mean but its kinda cringe im srry but great video it taught me a lesson
Автор - jin he wu
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